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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GI Joes and Skin Rashes

Dear Nurse Dave,
If you could be any GI Joe character who would you be? Also I think I've got some kind of skin rash, what should I do?
Fred, Gary, Indiana

Thanks for the question Fred. I think the obvious choice would be Snake Eyes but there are some problems there. Snake Eyes of course looks awesome dressed in all black, wearing a cool mask and using a couple of rad ninja swords. There's no question that he is cool. Its just that he never talks and never takes his mask off. We don't know what he looks like under there and we really have no idea if he can even read. There's just too much at risk with that character. The next obvious choice would be Duke. Duke is in charge of all the missions and gets to date Scarlet. But if things go wrong than who gets all the blame? Duke does. If someone dies on the mission who carries all the guilt? Duke does. I'm not necessarily looking for all that pressure. So I would go with Flint. I'm unsure of what his rank is but I think he's second in command to Duke. He gets almost the same amount of respect, gets to wear a beret and he gets to date Lady Jay. Flint gets to be cool without all the pressure. Sure if Duke goes down then Flint is in charge but you don't expect that much from him. Plus you can't overrate his radical suspenders.

(Duke, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Scarlet and Flint)

About the rash I'd go see a doctor or a nurse practitioner. Failing that try a high school wrestling coach they know all about rashes. Good luck with the rash Fred.

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