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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Dear Nurse Dave,
I heard some people actually want to get worms, you know in their bodies. What's the deal with that? In addition could you give me your thoughts on Stallone's masterpiece Over the Top.
Kevin, Raleigh, NC

Well Kevin did you know they used to sell tapeworms as a weight loss product? Its true. But i think you're getting at something different here. The basic idea is that the human body actually lives in harmony with countless bacteria and parasites and that the relationship is mutually beneficial. Some people take this as far as actually introducing parasitic worms into their bodies to help control their immune systems. The idea is that an over active immune system can be held in check by placing more junk in the body for their immune systems to deal with. Thus introducing the worms prevents the body from having excessive allergies or other immunological disorders.

Kevin to really discuss Over the Top first we've got to talk a little bit about the Switch. All Stallone has to do is turn his hat around backwards and then he can truly focus and prepare to destroy his opponent. Just this simple act enables Stallone to make the Switch from a poor and lonely truck driver to an arm wrestling champion. A similar thing in my life is when I put my stethoscope on I become Nurse Dave and nothing can break my focus during the full body assessment.

The thing is though that Stallone isn't just trying to win an arm wrestling tournament he is also trying to win back the love of his estranged son and with the help of Kenny Loggins he is able to do it. The Switch involves Stallone putting all fear and doubt out of his mind and he prepares to rip somebody's arm off but the heart of the movie is that Stallone can't just run from his emotions he has to face them in order to win back his son. Plus Stallone has a sweet weight set in the cab of his truck so that he can bulk up his right arm. Stallone powers through this movie while overcoming the direction of Menahem Golan (director of Eagles Attack at Dawn, Enter the Ninja and Mack the Knife). Its hard to believe Stallone can pull it off but he does.

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