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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blue Bottoms?

Dear Nurse Dave,

I've been reading a lot about babies lately and I've read that Asian babies are born with blue bums. Is this true? If so, what's that about?


Amanda I think you're talking about mongolian spots which contrary to the name can occur on more than just mongolian children. In fact the bluish area around the buttocks and sacrum can be common on any dark skinned child. These spots tend to fade as the child grows up and aren't a lifelong concern. Other birthmarks however can last a lifetime. Just think of port wine stains which were made famous by Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s.

Other causes of blueness in babies include lack of oxygen and low body temperature. In general bluish skin can probably be considered a bad thing. My personal favorite cause of bluish tint to the skin would be this.


  1. Nurse Dave, Why'd you change your picture? Though this new one has an intriguing clueless mysticism, the previous one had lasers shooting out of your head. Lasers!

  2. This picture I think lets people see me as just a normal person and not a registered nurse. I wanted to be more approachable so that people feel comfortable coming to me with questions.