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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kid fights!

Nurse Dave,

Thanks for the advice on Polyglandular Addisons Disease. You were right. Coldplay really does work for not getting me excited about anything.

On a completely different note, have you seen this video of two toddlers (Korean I am assuming) engaging each other in the ancient martial art of Taekwondo?

What do you think of children engaging in fighting sports at such a young age, and how would it affect their physical, mental, and emotional growth?

Bill, Slinger WI

Thanks for another great question Bill. Like most people I enjoy watching little children have adorable fights. And like most people I believe in choosing the destiny for your child at a very young age. Frank Lloyd Wright's mother decided he'd be an architect when he was born. What happened to him? Well I don't know he just became the greatest American architect ever. Tiger Woods, he started golfing at 6 months. Buzz Aldrin started with astrophysics at 3 months old. The list goes on. Just look at what's possible when you introduce an infant to reading. The sooner we set goals for our toddlers the more successful they will be and what could be more developmentally appropriate then massive success.

A word of caution though for toddler fighting, a lifetime of fighting can eventually lead to a scene like this.

My wife who is getting a master's degree in infant mental health disagrees with my opinion somewhat. She questions the wisdom of teaching toddlers to fight when they have other developmental milestones they should be working on. She also wonders what the results are of teaching a toddler that other toddlers are his enemy (though she hopes it would turn out kind of like that movie Enemy Mine).

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