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Monday, February 28, 2011

Male nurses?

Nurse Dave,
Am I right to assume that you're a man and a nurse? Is this possible?
Kevin, Oklahoma City, OK

Thanks for the question Kevin and it is more than possible. Male nursing is actually a growing field throughout the entire country and I am one of the men that works in this field. The expansion of the field can be traced to the growing number of men dropping out of lawschool and being unsure of which career path to take afterwards. The field of male nursing can be distinguished from traditional nursing by the fact that its participants often have facial hair and frequently use the term 'bro.' But male nurses are still not fully accepted in society and are frequently mistaken for doctors. When the male nurse then explains that he is in fact not a doctor patients are often confused and then stop listening to him. The easiest way to distinguish between male nurse and a doctor is of course the use of the term 'bro.' Hope that helps Kevin.

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