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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kool Aid

Nurse Dave,

What about the health benefits of koolaid?

Mark, Provo, UT

Mark I saw your question in the comments and felt the question was important enough for an entire post. First this picture will begin to help me explain the importance of Kool Aid not just in our day to day lives but in the founding of our nation.

Could Franklin have helped write the declaration of Independence and the Constitution through hot Philadephia summers without a refreshing and hydrating drink like Kool Aid? Probably not. Could he have gained the crucial support of the French during the revolutionary war without first sharing a delicious glass of Fruit punch with them? I don't think so.

Now the health benefits in our day to day lives include of course: hydration, powerful electrolytes, necessary sugars (our brains run on glucose), and healthy dyes (careful the dye in Kool Aid will stain). Also we can't forget the enjoyment of a Kool Aid Smile.

But sadly Mark Kool Aid doesn't lend itself purely to health benefits. Some naysayers point to the cup of sugar mixed into each half gallon of Kool Aid as a potential cause for obesity. Others claim that the needless calories in drinks such as Kool Aid and soda are adding serious weight to our population. In the end you just have to make your own decisions about Kool Aid but me I'm probably going to side with Ben Franklin. Finally there is also this to think about.

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