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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear Nurse Dave,

My baby used to eat all types of healthy foods. Then on her first birthday we let her have some cake. Now she will only eat carbs and sweets. Is she guaranteed to develop diabetes? Is there anything we can do or is she ruined for life?


Baton Rouge, LA

p.s., I think Prince just has indigestion. The one that coats is the only one he needs.

Firstly lets all hope that it is just indigestion. I don't want anything throwing Prince off his game, his music is just too important. Secondly, I have limited experience in pediatrics but I do remember my childhood quite well. The important thing for my appropriate development was the early introduction of candy, preferrably of the Willy Wonka Brand, and then the constant ingestion of the candy. I credit this constant ingestion of candy with much of my success. In fact throughout nursing school when I had to study for a big test you could be certain a box of runts or bottle caps would be near by.

But I do also understand that eating large amounts of candy may not be the best choice for every child. In fact it can lead to disastrous results. So your concern probably isn't unfounded. The way I see it there are several potential solutions to your problem.

>Learn and sing the Augustus Gloop song to your child thereby teaching its powerful lesson to her.

>Give her cake for every meal until she can't handle it anymore and actually hates it. My mom did this unintentionally with my oldest brother and hotdogs. I think he still doesn't eat them.

>Just give her good wholesome natural foods. Don't give her anymore junk. You're in control of the food she eats.

> Or finally, just embrace it. Comedy writers have mined overweight kids for jokes for years. You could also do this and probably really enjoy it.

Good luck Agatha. Pick whatever strategy works best for you. But a final word of warning the just embracing it option probably will lead to diabetes.

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  1. Nurse Dave,

    What about the health benefits of koolaid?