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Friday, April 22, 2011

Cool Guys

(if you haven't seen Jordan's expert facts regarding the last post you should probably read it in the comments, it is awesome and now for this post)

Dear Nurse Dave,

Which one of these are you?

Cool Guy Files

Grayson, Maybe somewhere in Utah

I would love to be a number of the different cool guys. With my recent efforts at P90X I could claim to be this cool guy but unfortunately my hair isn't long enough. I used to dress like this guy but its too hot in Arizona to wear a sport coat too much. And recently I've been looking into getting some cowboy gear and becoming this guy. But if I'm being honest with myself I understand that I'm Expert Guy. I'll give you a few reasons why

1) I started a blog where people could ask me questions to show that I know more than them.
2) On Monday I took a group of guys hiking and I pretty much sounded like a tour guide of the desert. At some point each guy complimented my chaco sandals and my homemade leather gatherings bag. Each guy was impressed by my expertise and when I told them that the hike usually takes me 2 1/2 hours less when I do it alone they all were further impressed.
3) Go ahead ask me where the fire came from. Yeah I made it. And yeah I used sticks to make it.

(I'm wearing chacos here)
4) I listen to NPR.
5) I read books. I even know about Napoleon. Why? I'll tell you why. I read a book. Did I finish the book? No but that doesn't matter. I can tell you all about him up to a certain point and thats all I really need to do to sound smart.
6) I read comic books. I think the new Captain America movie will be good but I'm less optimistic about Thor.

Thanks for the question Grayson. My advice to anyone out there would be to pick one of the cool guys and pattern your life after him. Its working for me.


  1. And if your name happens to be "D-Game" you should pattern your life after this cool guy.

  2. Oh yeah?