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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Movie Preview - July and August

I'm just going to continue on with Ed's question here and examine the rest of the summer movies.

The Amazing Spiderman - Thankfully the call has been answered.  We've been desperate for another take on Spider-man and we finally get it.  Fortunately the costume has been completely updated.  We get to see the origin again (it's been ten years since the last time).  And this time Spider-man fights a lizard (something we've all been hoping for).  About time.  The only thing missing is the Rock.

The Dark Knight Rises - Yes this movie stars Tom Hardy.  This star of my number one movie of 2011 - Warrior.  Its unclear as to if he's playing the same character as the one in Warrior but he still is very much muscle bound and very angry.  Also, Christian Bale continues to use his Batman voice.  I for one vote that he just always use his Batman voice every time he talks.  I find his real accent somewhat unsettling.

The Watch - Formally known as Neighborhood Watch.  The name was changed due to the Trayvon Martin shooting.  It involves aliens I think but I'm not sure.  Most summer movies do involve aliens so we can just assume this one does too.

Step Up - Revolution - Continuing my huge endorsement of summer dance movies.  This one involves a real estate developer threatening a dance crew's neighborhood.  Basically like the Goonies but with a whole lot more dancing.

The Bourne Legacy - Something we all have been hoping for, a Jason Bourne movie that doesn't actually have Jason Bourne in it.  Thank you hollywood.

Total Recall - Colin Farrell jumps in for Arnold Scwharnzenagerr.  Only this time he doesn't go to Mars presumably because every movie set on Mars in the last decade has been a huge commercial failure.

The Expendables 2 - The fight between Stallone and Van Damme would alone be worth the price of admission.  On top of that we get Statham saying, "I now pronounce you man and knife."  Schawarnzeger saying, "I'm back," as if his tongue was massively swollen.  Stallone flying a plane into a cave.  Stallone saying that the plan is, "Track 'em, find 'em, kill 'em." Plus it has Bruce Willis.  The only thing I'm disappointed about is that there's still no Die Hard 5.

 Premium Rush - Joseph-Gordon Levitt is a bike messenger is some kind of awesome hurry.

Lawless - What do you get when you add the star of my favorite movie of 2011 (Tom Hardy from Warrior and the Dark Knight Rises) with my sister's favorite actor (Shia Labouef from Transformers, Disturbia, Indiana jones 4)?  You get Lawless an awesome bootlegging drama that's entire story gets told in the trailer.  I really enjoyed the trailer.  Go ahead and watch it.  It's probably all you need to do.

So there you go Ed.  I think you pretty much have your summer planned out now.

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