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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Say You, Say Me?

Dear Nurse Dave,
What does it feel like to love and hate something at the same time?  Feel free to use Lionel Richie's Say You Say Me to explain.
Melissa, Somewhere in Virginia

Here goes, first lets examine the video.

Lionel Richie - Say You Say Me by sayit

First let me say I had to watch a commercial involving birth control before the video started.  Its interesting that birth control commercials always focus on a woman's active lifestyle and rarely imply what the product is actually used for.  This commercial used paper cut out animation.  Not as fun as those Yaz ads where the girl cuts her bangs and another one paints a wall orange.

Here goes, the video is starting with Lionel rising up from the ground most likely with a few buckets of dry ice going to steam it up a little.  I'm assuming Lionel used this song in some kind of dancing drama movie.  Lionel must know that I have a soft spot for angry dance sequences because that has me loving everything that's happening.  I also love the frequent use of the fist pump by Lionel, it feels very natural like something I need to add to my repertoire.  I'm starting to get a more negative feeling from that ballerina dancing guy.  I feel like I really don't like him.  But then all the sudden the song completely changes and Lionel starts dancing. I'm back in love with everything.  Then Lionel tells me, "Believe in who you are, you are a shining star."  But still there's more shots of the ballerina guy and now he's got a band-aid on his forehead.  I'm assuming somebody must have hit him with something because he doesn't seem very likeable.

So at the end of watching that video I feel uncomfortable.  I don't want to know anything more about the movie those scenes are from but I do want to see Lionel make a few more fist pumps.  It is a little distressing because I want to watch the video again but I'm not sure I can handle it.  Its kind of like that feeling when you're at a buffet and you are already too full but because it is a buffet you know you have to go back for one more plateful.  I think that's what its like to love and hate something at the same time.


  1. I looked up the movie. It's "White Nights" and we are going to watch it.

  2. If the name was "White Knights" then maybe we would watch it. Finding out that it is "White Nights" is almost as disappointing as when I found out the Moody Blues' hit song was "Nights in White Satin" and not "Knights in White Satin."