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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shapeshifting Bears

Dear Nurse Dave,
Do you think it's realistic that a shapeshifting bear would be "a reasonable, mellow, easygoing kind of guy"?
Spencer, Chicago, IL

Oh Spencer if you only knew.  The Shapeshifting bear you're referring to is of course named Crush and let me share some quotes from people that know him best.  Namely those that read the book.

 "I had a big soft spot for Crush. He's just so adorable, but can and would rip the arms off someone if they needed their arms ripped off. He `fan-girl crushes' on all the hockey players, and has moments of losing speech when he meets Cella's dad who is Crush's hockey idol. Crush has so many scenes that were just endearing to me and made all the sweeter considering the amount of insanity he's surrounded by, namely Cella."  Jess

"Lou "Crush" Crushek is usually a very laid back guy. But he makes the mistake of having one too many Jell-O shots at a co-worker's party and wakes up next to a naked She-Tiger." Katie

As you can see Spence its easy to be laid back and mellow that is until you wake up next to a naked she-tiger whose name happens to be Cella.  Here's some comments on Cella.

"I was a bit too excited to read this novel.  Especially when I realized that the main female character, Cella, was in a pro shapeshifting hockey league." Stephanie

"The heroine is not a `lily' girl and I love her for that. She lives - and thrives - in a men's world and respected at it too. Aside from her killer instinct and skill, she is just like most women - single mom, has her own family drama, two best friends at both end of spectrum, and a two job that she enjoys." Bukcrz

In case you were wondering the book is awesome.

"It took me a little over four hours to read this book simply because I DEVOURED it. Yes, I said devoured. It was more than just kick-a**, it was more than a steamy scene in the sheets, it was MORE than a love story, there was so MUCH to this book, it's hard to pinpoint what I loved the most, but I think it would have to be, that this book inspired me." Cassie

"There is no way anything Laurenston (the author of the book) writes should get less than 5 stars. Period. Her sexy humor is a delight, the character development satisfying, and the romance itself makes you smile. There's danger, action, love, sex, and shape-shifters. What more could a reader want? (Okay, maybe chocolate.)" Annette

"I loved this book, it was better than any other book she's written and I would know, I've read them all." Spencer 

So I think we can all agree now.  Shapeshifting bears can be mellow and laid back but watch out when a she-tiger gets involved.  Things tend to get steamy.  My only advice would be to purchase some chocolate to eat while you're reading and hold on.  Its going to be a steamy ride.  


  1. This was amazing. Thank you, Nurse Dave!

  2. Steamy doesn't even begin to describe it. I know, trust me.

  3. I get so mad every time somebody kills the scumbag I'm trying to bust too, so I think I can understand what it would be like to be an easy going shapeshifting man-bear.

  4. but the problem with being easy going is that a she-tiger might use that as an excuse to walk all over you. just ask spence.