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Friday, March 9, 2012

Protect the Skin Folds

Dear Nurse Dave,

My baby daughter is really fat, which is really cute. But it also means that she sometimes gets irritated skin on her neck from the friction of the rolls rubbing against each other. Do you have any recommendations for remedying this problem?

Spencer, Chicago, IL

Spencer as a nurse I frequently have to document what I do for patients and use a detailed computer program to do so. Much of the documentation involves just clicking on boxes with standard interventions given to patients already typed in the program. Like I might click on "elevation" as an intervention performed on a swollen leg. Other common interventions to click on are perineal care, control temperature, moisturize and of course protect the skin folds.

Skin folds can be dangerous and terrifying. I've heard tales of remote controls and sandwiches being found in skin folds (seriously). Mostly I've just found fungus (serious amounts). Things I've commonly done to protect the skin folds include using moisturizer, using baby powder, using anti-fungal powder (for more information about fungus fighting I would suggest you consult Dan Jennejohn, that guy has had athlete's foot for over a decade). So really Spence you've got to protect the skin folds in whatever way feels best to you. I just know that more often than not that when I lift a skin fold I throw some powder in there.

Also you may want to get your baby involved in face and neck yoga. From what I understand that can eleminate wrinkles and before long your baby will no longer have to wear turtle necks to hide those unsightly neck folds. Also here's the fastest way to get six pack abs (if you don't start them young they will never get six pack abs, I'm still upset that my parents didn't get me an ab rocker until I was 17).

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