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Monday, March 19, 2012


Dear Nurse Dave,
Did Radiohead clone their drummer and then have him drum on stage in addition to their regular drummer?
Peter, Leicester UK

Peter I think I understand where you're getting this idea from. That's from Michael Bay's hit movie the Island. Where people clone copies of themselves so that they can replace worn out body parts. The only thing that people weren't counting on is that sometimes clones can break loose from the holding facility and cause lots of explosions. If you'll recall in this movie clone Ewan McGregor meets not clone Ewan McGregor and wants help. Unfortunately the clone did not receive any help so he had to explode stuff. I think what happened with radiohead is probably a similar thing and Phil just decided to let him be the second drummer.

You'll note subtle differences in the two bald drummers of roughly the same age. I think its because it isn't yet 2110 (the year in which the Island takes place) so we haven't got the cloning thing down. Also there are some people that suggest Johnny Greenwood is a clone of 50's movie actor Peter Lorre. I think this is possible.

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