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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Dear Nurse Dave,
Why are some people so angry? What's going on?
Peter, Birmingham, England

First Peter we need to recognize that life isn't easy. I just spent a couple days spray painting an ikea bookshelf. It didn't seem like it'd be a problem but 15 cans of spray paint later the shelf still doesn't look nice and my right index finger has been numb for 24 hours. At various points during this project I've felt anger (especially as I was painting barefoot and ants started to bite my feet). In life even seemingly simple things can be difficult. This is where anger can build from.

So why is it that we as people allow silly things to make us angry? I'm not sure. It certainly isn't to our advantage. Is yelling at a waiter at a restaraunt going to get you better service? I'm going with no. I think these anger issues stem from some kind of development issues in our childhoods (my wife could probably elaborate). So rather than explain why people get angry I'm going to give some tips that will help you not get angry with silly things.

1) Listen to music more - The ant bites aren't so bad when listening to music. I was listening to this.
2) Find a creative outlet - Frustration comes slower to those with a focused outlet (maybe etch a sketch or maybe write a song).
3) Get a healthy physical outlet - Dance, running, boxing, just get out there and do it!

Good luck Peter.

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