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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mr. T.

Dear Nurse Dave,
What movies do you think could be significantly improved if Mr. T. was cast in one of the roles as opposed the actor that was cast?
Marty, West Chester, NY

Marty this is a very tricky question. Initially it seems like Mr. T. could improve almost any movie. Cast him as Russell Crowe's gladiator pal in Gladiator and it seems like you've suddenly got a more compelling film. The trouble is that Mr. T. has too much charisma and it is too easy for attention to be directed wholly at him. So the actual result of casting him in Gladiator could have been disastorous. How can Russell Crowe look tough when compared to Mr. T? It just isn't possible. So with some serious thinking I've got you're answers right here.

Night Court - I know it isn't a movie but if Mr. T. was the bailiff guy on Night Court rather than this guy how is that show not at least 50% more entertaining? Mr. T. is bringing everything to the table here. He's got the toughness needed in a security dude but he also has the comedy chops to really do something with the role.

Ghostbusters - Why couldn't Mr. T. have been the fourth Ghostbuster? What could go wrong there?

G.I. Joe - Rise of Cobra - He doesn't even have to replace someone in this movie. He just has to be in it. But if you were to replace someone I would go with the guy that played Duke.

Waterworld - He wouldn't replace Costner or Dennis Hopper that would be ridiculous to suggest. He'd replace the one bad guy with long blonde hair that Costner has to fight at some point. That's a fight I'd pay to see.

There's the list. There certainly could be more additions made to it but I feel pretty good about it. Sadly Mr. T.'s actual career is actually kind of disappointing so all we can really do is look back and wish it had turned out differently.

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