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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little Debbie

Dear Nurse Dave,
What's the best Little Debbie snack cake?
Marshall, Eastman, TX

Marshall, Little Debbie treats have thrilled people for generations and I, like most people, enjoy a fine snack cake now and again. And of the asorted cakes there are probably 6 that I'd put in the running for top snack

Swiss Cake Rolls - I'm not really sure what these are. Derek always ate them all.
Nutty Bars - Chocolate, peanut butter, crisp wafers and you can take it apart as you eat it.
Oatmeal Creme Pie - Remember that scene in Honey I Shrunk the Kids where they ate part of one but it was huge because they were so tiny?
Star Crunch - This one always sounded better than it actually was. It gets points for the awesome name.
Cosmic Brownie - For the person that likes brownies but thinks that brownies need sprinkles.
Zebra Cakes - I'm sorry the white frosting just doesn't work for me but the package design that hasn't changed since the 80's does work for me. Cartoon animals with sunglasses on are cool.

Clearly, Marshall, the winner here is the Nutty Bar. Anytime you put peanut butter and chocolate together good things are going to happen.

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