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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Nurse Dave,

How do you feel about Bronies?

Elgin, Illinois

Uncomfortable, Butch. I feel somewhat uncomfortable. I understand being a fan of something strange or childish. I spent a couple hours in a comic store last week and spent an evening of gaming with some awesome guys (we played Glen More and Jaipur wouldn't recommend either of them that much but I would recommend this one). So I kind of know where these guys are coming from but on the other hand I really don't.

I think we've all been entertained by learning about some kind of weird subculture of fans doing something weird. There are people out there that are jousting. There's this guy doing awesome stuff with legos. My friend Janina is way into pies. I could just go on listing weird but somehow awesome subcultures. Here look at this list:
star wars guys
star trek guys (possibly more awesome than star wars guys)
rock climbers (I still don't like that one rock climber guy that made fun of me when I was climbing with him. He said I was having an Elvis shake when I got nervous)
people into bluegrass music
guys that like ABBA
people that collect records
antiquing people (antiquing is suprisingly interesting)
twilight people, Harry Potter people (essentially the same sort of people but I think most would deny this, in fact I'd deny it because I like Harry Potter)
people that make jewelry out of felt balls (that really happens)
people that go to bead stores
guys that get way into physics just for fun
people that like all that alien stuff
people that home brew their own rootbeer (someday this group will include me)
and of course people that like to swing dance (there's huge dance conventions for that kind of thing)

All of these people have filled some kind of whole in their lives or souls with a somewhat strange activity. In general I approve of this Butch. I like when people are actively involved in doing something I think is weird. It makes the world better. And maybe I feel uncomfortable with the idea of a man my age being interested in My Little Pony but I guess he could be doing something worse.

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