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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Dear Nurse Dave,
What fiction books would you recommend I read in my spare time? (don't have much spare time, but I remember that u recommended a good book to me on the past)


Although fiction lies outside of the realm of my medical knowledge I do feel somewhat qualified to answer the question due to my reading experience. First although I've never read a Robin Cook book I believe most of them are medical thrillers. He's jokingly once said, "If my books don't sell at least I can fall back on brain surgery." Naturally that quote makes me dislike him and I vow to never read one of his books but someday when I start writing medical thrillers I plan to model my career after his closely.

Here's some books I really love. It probably isn't a very original list.

Literature - Anyone can read real literature and really enjoy it. There are books out there other than those by John Grisham.

White Noise - Don Delillo - Very funny book regarding colliegate education, an airborne toxic event and the fear of death (probably my favorite book ever)
The Crying of Lot 49 - Thomas Pynchon - One of his only understandable and readable books. Awesome conspiracy stuff happening
A Conferacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole - Maybe the greatest comedic character ever written.
Blood Meridian: the evening redness in the west - Cormac McCarthy - The judge is a very scary character. The whole book is scary.
Extremely loud and incredibly close - Jonathan Foer - Heartbreaking book about a little boy and 9/11
The Plot against America - Philip Roth - An alternate reality in WWII where jewish people in America get sent to camps.

also - Catch 22, the power and the glory,

Master and Commander - Patrick O'brian - The whole series is awesome especially if you like the ocean and the navy. I do.
Gentlemen of the Road - Michael Chabon - I didn't know that there could be jewish swashbucklers.
Count of Monte Cristo - Alexander Dumas - The greatest adventure book ever written.

Science Fiction - Most people just assume that science fiction is for nerds but last night I explained the plot of a science fiction story to my wife and she was more than intrigued (she usually dislikes fantasy and sci fi due to her lack of ability to comprehend stuff like time travel).
The Foundation - Isaac Asimov
Do Androids dream of electric sleep - Philip K Dick
others include - Dune, the time machine, the postman, starship troopers

1 comment:

  1. Thanks :-)
    I'll probably start with one of the first 3. I'll probably not read that fourth one if it's scary. And, the 5th one is the one I read that you recommended before.
    Adventure didn't really seem like something I'd start with.
    One time I read The Martian Chronicles. It wasn't bad. Pretty good.

    Thanks for answering my question!