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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick Ones

So there's been a stockpile of questions building up and I'm going to pound out a few answers

Dear Nurse Dave,
Who would win in a fight between Rocky and Rambo?
Bruce, Asbury Park, NJ

Bruce the answer here is clearly Rambo. Has Rambo ever lost a fight? No. Has Rocky ever made it through a movie without losing either an emotional fight or real fight? No. Rocky entrusted all of his fortune to his moronic brother-in-law who naturally lost all of it. Would Rambo ever do something like that? Honestly I'm not sure I've never watched an entire Rambo but I'd like to think the answer is no. Rambo doesn't lose. He saves POWs. He hides in the woods and kills people or he gets a huge machine gun and kills people. Rocky has been a loser from the start that usually overcomes large odds to be a winner in the end while giving a few motivational speeches along the way. But you have to remember that he was a loser to start with.

Dear Nurse Dave,
I've been on two dates with a girl and its her birthday next week. What should I get her?
Carlton, Cincinnati, OH

Snow globe, Carlton. That is the answer every time. You have to go with a snow globe. If you don't want to buy one you could make one.

Dear Nurse Dave,
Please explain the show Happy Days to me.
Confused in Little Rock

I think I know where you're confused. Happy Days is a fictional television series set in the 1950s but it was actually filmed in the 1970s. The show wasn't simply a sitcom made in the 1950s it was a nostalgia filled look back at the 50's during the 70's. I'd compare it to That 70's Show being made in the 90's. Much of the humor in Happy days is based on the fact that everything involved a Malt shop in 50's and sadly the malt shop had fallen out of fashion by the 70's. Also something to keep in mind when trying to understand the show, the Fonz is supposed to be cool.

Dear Nurse Dave,
Is Little America really as awesome as all the billboards make it out to be?

Dwayne I think you're refering to that long stretch of I-80 in Wyoming with hundreds of billboards advertising for a hotel resort in the middle of nowhere. My answer is that they have 50 cent ice cream cones and that is pretty awesome. Go with the twist cone if you're going to get one. You need both chocolate and vanilla to really appreciate the experience. Also they have pretty nice bathrooms.

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