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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jasmine Tea?

Dear Nurse Dave,

In your lastest post you pointed out that Chuck Norris was in a movie called Sidekicks. What you failed to mention was that Uncle Iroh was in that same movie. While I am willing to admit that Chuck Norris could beat Uncle Iroh in a fight, don't you think that Uncle Iroh's wisdom would allow him to outsmart Chuck Norris? Also can you please explain the health effects of jasmine tea?

Arlington, Va

Alan from what I understand you're asking me a question about a cartoon character facing off against Chuck Norris. What you may or may not have know is that during my last summer in nursing school I spent significant time watching Avatar (the cartoon that features Uncle Iroh). And you also may not know that Chuck Norris had a cartoon where he had to fight deadly dolphins. So I'd like to approach the question from the angle of the two cartoon characters facing off. Clearly if that was the case Uncle Iroh wouldn't even need wisdom to finish off Chuck. Uncle Iroh has the ability to firebend while Chuck has a tough time fighting dolphins (they weren't even sharks, they were dolphins Alan).

As for tea Alan I'd suggest you abstain from it. Sure the jasmine flower is sweet but don't fall for it. Tea contains caffiene (a diuretic and stimulant), oxalates which can contribute to kidney stones and tannic acid that is commonly used to tan hides. It also can cause bad breath and stain teeth. I don't care about the fact that tea is the second most popular beverage in the world because you know what the most popular one is? Water, and really Alan you should just stick with water it has everything your body really needs. (in my household water is the most popular beverage followed closely by Tang)

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  1. Thanks for the clarification Nurse Dave. I secretly harbored a feeling that Iroh would win every time, but I knew that that was going against the prevailing wisdom of hundreds of Chuck Norris jokes. Thanks for setting me straight.