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Friday, June 17, 2011

Eagle Attack

Hey Nurse Dave,

What are the chances a human being could survive such an attack?

Bill, Slinger, WI

Bill I think you'll find we covered some similar ground in the review of Fast Five. But in that post we discussed Paul Walker and Vin Diesel so I'm not sure that they actually fit into the category of human being (I'd place them in the superhuman category). So let's discuss human beings.

The first thing that came to my mind is this sign that can be seen as you begin your decent into the grand canyon.

The total distance of going from the top of the canyon to the bottom and back is about 12 miles and it is a difficult hike. But what I'm seeing here is that human beings don't have to be thrown down a cliff by an eagle to die they can simply die by gradually descending a nice trail down that same cliff face on a hot day.

The average human being isn't going to survive any of those wicked eagle attacks. The average human being, according to that sign, is going to be lucky to survive a 12 mile hike. Bill people die by missing a step coming off a curb, slipping on ice or trying to balance on one foot while washing the other foot in the shower. Could someone survive that fall? Sure, his name is Vin Diesel. But the average human being has trouble not getting injured while playing volleyball and he's certainly not going to survive the fall.

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