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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

M. Night Syndrome

Dear Nurse Dave,
Is there a medical equivalent to the career of M. Night Shyamalan?
Bradley, Tulsa, OK

Bradley I'm assuming you're refering to M. Night peaking with his first film and somehow steadily getting worse with each film until his last film was actually unwatchable. Frankly I've been impressed with the whole ride. Its been like a roller coaster where the first drop is amazing but then by the end you have a headache. For M. Night his rollercoaster began to get especially jerky with the movie where that guy only works out one side of his body.

Now it is easy to think of equivalents in sports (Penny Hardaway), music (the Strokes), television (I think that show Hero's had the M. Night thing happening but I never watched) and food (tortilla soup, it gets worse every time). But in the medical industry we actually have a name for this phenomenon it is called M. Night Syndrome.

An example of an M. Night Syndrome would be Gigantism. At first the kid is probably thinking, "hey this is cool, I'm getting bigger than everybody." But as time creeps on you're 8 feet tall, have back problems and end up starring in movies with Billy Crystal.

Also there is hyperthyroidism. At first you just have some unexplained weightloss and you're probably thinking, "hey this is cool, I'm losing weight without trying." But of course time creeps on you have no energy, have eyes jutting out of your skull, and you're feeling nervous all the time eventually becoming low energy nervouswreck.

Other disorders are being looked into and many others can fall under the umbrella of M. Night Syndrome. Right now we just have to raise awareness and study M. Night's films in hopes of finding a cure. Also I heard they're planning a 5K in downtown Philadelphia.

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