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Thursday, February 14, 2013

2:30 Feeling

Dear Nurse Dave,
What should I do when I get that 2:30 feeling like they talk about on 5 hour energy commercials?
Peter, St. Paul, MN

I'm glad you came to me Peter.  I'm actually experiencing that 2:30 feeling right now.  I have a fool-proof strategy for dealing with it and coming out the other side stronger.

My strategy is do something else.  Let me tell you what that means.  Let's say you're in class and you're nodding off to sleep, do something else.  Either leave class and go home (my personal favorite), draw a picture (i've already drawn three, one is a dinosaur), work on your nurse blog or ask a question that is off topic.  All of these things will wake you up and give you some serious energy. (once I'm done with this post I've got an off topic question to ask).

Other options include
- 20 quick push-ups - wakes you up and the ladies like a man with strong pecs
- dance party!!!
- power nap - oprah does this i think
- start a conversation about the incredible hulk. Everybody loves the Hulk.

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