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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Furious 6

Dear Nurse Dave,
Where have you been and more importantly how do you feel regarding Fast and Furious 6?
Mr. Pip, Lincolnshire, England

Well Pip I've been busy with other ventures, education and children.  Life can get quite full if you allow it to.  As far as Fast and Furious 6 (or Furious 6 as I prefer to call it) I would say its the movie of the year.  Flying head butts, flying clotheslines, radical plane takeoffs that just can't really take off, Diesels flying through the air to catch women and then landing on cars then later on the girl asks, "When did you see that the car would break our fall?" Diesel's answer, "I didn't."  Essentially Diesel was jumping just out of love, he had no idea that he'd survive.  I felt the same way entering the theatre.  I was jumping out of love having no idea what would break my fall.  Turns out that Paul Walker broke my fall with a brilliant scene set inside a prison.  Walker risked everything to atone for mistakes of the past.  The risk was worth it just to see how Walker would deal with being in prison, which was of course extremely well.  Only Paul Walker could be an internation criminal, check himself into a prison in LA and walk out a couple days later after kicking some serious ass.  The man is a genius.  Lets just run down the assets that Paul Walker has real quick.

Looks +
Acting chops +
Hairstyle +
Genius +
Driving skills +
Heart to Heart talks +
Prison Survival +
Loves Dogs (see 8 below, seriously see it) +
Robbery skills (see takers, seriously it's awesome) +
Comedy (unintentional) +

Basically the guy took the blueprint that Keanu set out and took it to an entirely different level.  I'd like to thank both of them.

I haven't started talking about the Rock yet.  The Rock is everything you want in a badass, steroid-using international, law enforcement agent.  I never used to think steroids or tatoos were cool.  But now I'm sold on both

But the very best part of Furious 6 is the promise made at the very end.  The promise that there will be a Fast 7 with the implication that Fast and Furious V8 is a distinct possibility.  Thank you, Vin.  Thank you, Paul.  Thank you, Dwayne.  And also thanking you in advance, thank you, Jason

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  1. Fast 6 was the best thing that happened to me, ever. The Rock inspired me to so much I made him a printable. It's true: if you want to catch wolves you need wolves.