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Friday, January 27, 2012

more quick ones

I'm emptying out a few stockpiled questions again here...

Dear Nurse Dave,
What's your thoughts on gambling?
Jerry, Reno, NV

Jerry don't get involved. Gambling will seduce you with the excitement and the bright lights but in the end you find yourself hanging out at a horse track by yourself giving pointers to underage gamblers. Sure the underage kids might think you're cool and think it is awesome when you buy them a beer but you'll know Jerry, you'll know it isn't cool. But on the plus side there is this.

Dear Nurse Dave,
If you could pull off any hair style what would it be?
Alan, Madison, Wisconsin

There's really only one choice. Directly slicked back and tastefully done. Probably while wearing a suit. I'm just not sure what product to use and how much training of the hair it would take.

Dear Nurse Dave,
What's your favorite color?
Pierre, New Orleans, LA

Brown. There's really no place else you could go, except for possibly green which is obviously my second favorite color.

Dear Nurse Dave,
What's a flexi-seal?
Daryl, Atlanta, GA

Well Daryl you probably know what a urinary catheter is. The flexi-seal is the same sort of idea but it collects fecal matter rather than urine.

Dear Nurse Dave,
Is it true that after a while in the medical field you no longer have any problems discussing anything over dinner?
Patti, LA, CA

It is true Patti. This is known as the flexi-seal effect. Meaning that you know you can discuss anything over dinner if you are comfortable with discussing the flexi-seal and then taking a bite of the delicious broiled lamb on your plate. I'm prepared to discuss fungus, grotesque anatomy, frightening true stories, prolapses, bed baths, swelling, skin folds or basically anything you can think of and still enjoy the hummus. Most research indicates that this takes about a year of solid work in the medical field to reach the flexi-seal stage.

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