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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dear Nurse Dave,
What is gout? and do I have it?
Paul, Fairbanks AK

Gout is an arthritis like disease that occurs when uric acid builds up in your blood. Your kidneys generally are supposed to get rid of this acid but sometimes they aren't up for the job. It can be quite painful.

As you can see if you have gout usually one of your toes swells up to a grotesque size, your pajamas become ill fitting and you begin to question the meaning of life. But rather than just curse life you can seek for ways to treat it. You can go with a natural treatment guide like these two guys did which can include diet changes, herbal supplements and wearing tight fitting t-shirts (note: although the wavy line surrounding the two men appears to be a line indicating stink, stink is not a common symptom of gout).

Or you can go the medical route with anti-inflammatory drugs and allopurinol to reduce uric acid. Good luck Paul.

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