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Monday, November 7, 2011


Dear Nurse Dave,
I think the kids are getting back into the 80's right now. Are the 90's next? Should I get a bowl cut to be a step ahead of the trends? I'm very interested in being cool.
Trey, Kingwood, TX

I think your name alone gives you a leg up on the rest of us. Look at this list of Treys, everyone a winner. So I think the first thing you got to do to be cool is rely more heavily on your name. Maybe wear a t-shirt that says "my name is trey" or perhaps a belt buckle that simply says trey. Those two things alone buy you a lot of cred.

As for haircuts if you want to go 90's skip the bowl cut and go for the David Silver. Its the right move.

Other cool tips from me would include
1) Become an expert on something somewhat obscure and then talk about it a lot (I do this with science fiction novels but don't steal my subject)
2) It's only okay to admit that you want to be cool if you are already cool and just admitting it out of mock humility (its also good to talk about how you didn't have friends in high school this shows people that high school kids just weren't ready for your particular brand of coolness, this works well for me)
3) Chew gum. Cool guys chew gum. (i go through 1-2 packs a week)
4) Get very interested in the Fast and Furious movies but do it in such a way that people can never tell if you really like the movies or not
5) Lift weights

Finally remember you can never be ahead of the trends. You have to set your own trends.

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