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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Dear Nurse Dave,
What do you think I should fear?
Paul, East Brunswick NJ

There's a lot of things that would could be afraid of or worry about. There's Parkinson's Disease. It can destroy the nervous system and leave you with little ability to act for yourself. The disease can do this quickly or take a long time. There's heart disease. Your coronary arteries can become so clogged that the muscle of your heart is no longer provided with the oxygen it needs. Apparently that hurts and can kill you.

Or maybe you want to fear germs and bacteria. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is powerful staph infection that can't be treated by standard antibiotics. C-diff can infect you GI tract and give you explosive diahrea. These germs and just hanging out anywhere you go Paul.

Or maybe you want to fear politics. Listen to Fox News, Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the country. Watch MSNBC and learn how republicans want to tax only poor people. Look at the international stuff Paul. Greece's financial situation could cause the downfall of all of Europe.

Perhaps you want to fear illegal immigrants, or maybe fear getting a tumor from using your cell phone, maybe you should be afraid of never finding a good job, maybe you should worry about the demise of social security, or carbon monoxide in your home, what about global warming, overfishing the oceans, the demise of bookstores, high fructose corn syrup, roundup ready crops, paying too much for a bad haircut, finding true love, we could go all day Paul.

There's much you could fear so just pick something a move ahead. Good luck Paul.

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