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Friday, September 9, 2011

Top 20 Blog For Nurses

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jacksonville University School of Nursing just selected my blog as one of the top twenty blogs for Nurses. That's from the entire internet. So competition was naturally pretty steep. I beat out Nurse Pat and from what I understand she's pretty upset about the whole thing.


  1. Nice work, Dave. You deserve it. Also, you absolutely owned me in fantasy football. Nice job picking quarterbacks.

  2. I don't understand. A blog for nurses? Isn't there a school you're supposed to go to if you want to be a nurse? And isn't that what that Jacksonville school is all about?

  3. That is awesome! Although, I have to admit, I did find Nurse Pat's site pretty insightful...

  4. yeah nurse pat has helped a lot of people but unfortunately she has a legendary temper and right now I'm suffering the wrath of pat. we had to change the locks at our house.