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Monday, August 26, 2013

Board Games

Dear Nurse Dave,
From what I understand you're a huge fan of board games. Do you have any ideas for your own board game?
Rudy, Casa Grande, AZ

I am a huge fan of board games. Extremely nerdy ones usually involving stuff on this website.

My idea for a board game is so far hasn't received a lot of support from those I've shared it with. I think we're all very familiar with "Yo Mama" jokes. you know jokes at yo mama's expense usually critisizing her intellegence, looks, or weight. So imagine a spinner with the categories, "fat", "ugly", "stupid" and maybe smaller areas featuring "crazy" and "poor." Then say the spinner lands on fat. Then you pull a card from the subject box that has a great variety of subjects. For example the subject could be "waterbeds." Then each player has to come up with a Yo Mama joke in the fat category based on waterbeds. Like, "Yo, Mama so fat that when she jumps on her waterbed the neighborhood kids come by and yell, 'Thar she blows.'" I literally came up with that joke while playing the game earlier today. Then a vote is made and the best joke wins. Its usually pretty obvious which joke is the best. The player with the most winning jokes is obviously the winner.

Some people have found this game both distasteful and juvenile.  I think they're right.  Really you've got to treat your momma right.

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  1. That's a really good idea, man. Make the game board MONOPOLY-LIKE, but with the categories: FAT, STUPID, UGLY, POOR, NASTY, etc. with "+" points for a good joke and "-" points for bad jokes. However, keep the cards for the sub categories.