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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Dear nurse Dave,

My friend just returned from Birmingham and she said Skegness was great so my question is, is there a cure for lying, and if so when are you going to stop being such a liar?

grayson weeks

Grayson you are probably referring to my well known anti-Skegness stance ever since the 6 months I spent there.  First I'm going to point you to the Skegness tourism site.  Take a minute and explore around a little bit.  Maybe click on the things to do tab.  You'll notice a link for Nature Land. I didn't know penguins could cry until I went there.  

Maybe you can click on the shopping link.  The first thing to come up there?  Inkantations, a local tattoo shop that literally asks, "Looking for a new tattoo during your stay in Skegness? Why not pay a visit to Inkantations?"  Next up Skegness Mobility followed closely by Mr Big Stuff, "Supplying big and tall outsize clothing and large clothing for men in the Lincolnshire area."  Then of course Mooch Perfect Gifts, "Mooch Gift Shop offers a wide range of quality goods to suit every age and budget, whether your male or female there will be something I'm sure you will like."  Well I'm male so I'm pretty sure they'll have something for me.  No other shops are listed.  That's it.

Maybe you're looking for a place to stay.  Look no further than the caravan section of the site.  Don't worry grayson there are plenty of trailers actually for sale as well.  And remember if you're looking for some kind of mobility device to help you get from your trailer to town there is always Skegness Mobility.   

Really I think it is summed up by the classic advertising slogan, "Skegness is SO bracing."  That is the slogan for the city and I think it fits perfectly.  Everyday I lived there I woke up braced for disappointment and I was disappointed.  But Grayson even though I don't love Skegness I learned a lot from it.  I learned that buying a bread bowl to put a can of chili in can sometimes be the best part of a day.  I learned that sometimes having a terribly sprained ankle isn't a bad thing.  I learned that it is possible to knock on every door in a town.  I learned that seeing a KFC can sometimes feel like coming home.  I learned that it is possible for a bird to poop on you as it flies by.  I learned that if you put on enough weight anyone can look like a Far Side character.  I learned that they don't let adults do the donkey beach rides.  Really I learned to be braced for the rest of life.  So thank you Skegness.  I'm braced.


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  2. Thanks Monica, right on topic.