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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Dear Nurse Dave,
Is it true that all male nurses drive Camaros?
Patrick, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Yes Patrick it is true.   Most popular are the Camaros made in the 1990s preferably the IROC-Z because then it says IROC-Z on the side of your car.

Other rumors you may have heard about male nurses that are also true include
- Male nurses love Patrick Swayze (it doesn't matter what film from Ghost to Black Dog all male nurses love Patrick Swayze)
- Male nurse love to dance
- Male nursing is always the second career choice

Some rumors that are not true
- All male nurses have tons of chest hair
- Male nurses love the Transformer movies due to their love of camaros (most of us actually feel like they didn't utilize cameros enough in the films)
- No male nurse works in labor and delivery (a few dudes do do this)


  1. Possibly the most boring conversationalist I have ever known drove a Camaro. What does that tell you? Maybe he could use your tips for small talk? I think he was a male economist or IT guru or something.

  2. i assume its because he hadn't found his true calling yet, male nursing