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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Dear Nurse Dave,
As a nurse, is there any remedy you can suggest for recurrent bad attitude?
Melissa, Virginia

Bad attitude is a certainly a major problem but fortunately there are remedies that work. These remedies fall into a few major categories including:  medication, watching someone with an even worse attitude fail and of course Feed Your Mind.

Medication - Sometimes if someone is going crazy at the hospital (i.e. taking clothes off and running down the hallway) they get a shot of Haldol. This doesn't always work but it certainly can. Many of my more naked patients have tolerated clothes after Haldol (this is a very good thing, in the hospital the patients least interested in clothes are usually the ones that need them the most). Medication for attitude doesn't end there. Antidepressants have done a lot of good for attitudes. Talk with your doctor about that.

Watching someone else with a worse attitude fail - I used to take angry kids on hikes. Something about watching an angry kid kick a rock in frustration and thereby cause even more pain to themselves can heal a bad attitude. What I'm saying is that watching someone hurt themselves is funny and that can heal your own bad attitude.

Feed your mind


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  1. 16 and pregnant or Teen Mom 1 and 2 are shows my wife and i watch when her or i are feeling a bad attitude creep in. Hoarders is also a great pick me up as well. Try it. Im sure medication works for some if not these shows should help you forget your bad attitude in no time.