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Monday, May 16, 2011

More National Treasure

Dear Nurse Dave,
Two questions. 1) Sometimes I get what my doctor calls angina and my chest really hurts. What's causing that pain? and 2) What do you think they'll do for National Treasure 3?
Leroy, Burton, AL

1) Leroy angina is not a good thing. Angina commonly occurs when the heart isn't getting enough enough oxygen. The drug treatment for angina is nitroglycerin. It is a pill that dilates the arteries supplying blood to the heart so that it can get the oxygen carrying blood that it needs. If the pain isn't relieved by nitroglycerin you could actually be having a heart attack. That occurs when an artery supplying blood to a portion of your heart gets totally blocked up and that part of the heart can actually die. Leroy you should be under the care of a cardiologist.

2) Like you Leroy I'm a huge fan of National Treasure 1 and 2. Who would have thought the founding fathers would have hidden two different massive treasures in two different extremely patriotic landmarks? So like you I'm looking forward to where the next treasure will be found. This one I see playing out in the national parks. I want to see Nic Cage in Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. There will of course be awesome clues hidden in Old Faithful, on top of Half Dome and somewhere at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. During all the adventure Nic will be chased by a new villain (I'm hoping for Deniro) that is seeking to exploit history for personal gain. I'm thinking the adventure ends in San Francisco with a helicopter chase over the Golden Gate Bridge ending on Alcatraz (remember the Rock) where the 3rd awesome treasure is hidden. This treasure has a lot to do with the Roosevelts and a little to do with the mafia. The final scene that I want is Nic Cage standing in the wind with a American Flag wrapped around him tearing up as someone sings America the Beautiful. Also the treasure will be used to help create jobs.
(unfortunately from what I've read Nic wants to go international with this one, Lets hope this isn't true).

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